Nadia Wire is a Danish knitwear designer who graduated from London at Central Saint Martins in 2017, where she studied textile design and specialised in knitwear. She has since then gained great experience working for several high-end brands.

After returning to Denmark, Nadia Wire founded her brand and knitting factory in 2020.

”We knit bold colours and playful shapes to fit all seasons and wardrobes. All our pieces are manufactured at our knitting factory in Denmark, where we operate under a small scale and a made to order vision. Working side by side with our production department, we take well-informed design decisions, and, by extension, saves avoidable waste”

Nadia Wire 

Founder & Creative Director

One roof magic

Not far from Copenhagen, located beneath one roof, you will find our design studio, knitting factory, sewing production, showroom and office. In this close environment, we work side by side, while gaining insight in all the processes that keeps the knitting adventure of Nadia Wire thriving and in bloom.

Values & responsibility

Knitwear for all bodies
Our knitwear is come to life when worn, no matter size and gender. We wish to convey individuality and believe in creating inclusive designs; therefore, all of our knitwear fits multiple sizes.
The new generation of knitwear

Our ambition is to explore the versatility of knitwear. The means to achieve this goal is an ongoing journey characterised by a dualistic approach: We use traditional as well as unconventional materials, shapes and techniques in order to distort and experience what is defined as knitwear.

A mindful production
We match supply and demand, by operating on a small scale and made to order vision. Our collections are made on digital knitting machines, which, to greater extent, allow us to minimize waste; by creating technical knitting calculations for each garment, we shape the fabric directly on the knitting machine. That way we avoid any unnecessary materials.
Non-seasonal collections

We do not believe in the fundamental value of creating SS or AW collections, nor do we follow the traditional fashion calendar. We do not like to label our collections because: Our garments can and should be worn for any season. Likewise there doesn’t exist a time limit for our collections: It is possible to purchase each style as long as we are still able to acquire our yarns.

Transparency is a necessity
To us, CSR isn’t a strategy, a business objective, or a brand initiative, but it is a necessity. Nadia Wire’s concern about the environment is incorporated in our business model and our core values. Therefore, we believe it is important to be transparent about the ways we function.

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