Did you say "Made in Denmark"?

We have taken the audacious decision to locate our production in Denmark, next-door to our design studio. For us, it was a matter of locality and efficiency: operating under a small scale & made to order vision. The brand gains from its production department, taking well-informed design decisions, and, by extension, saving avoidable waste.


Watch the making of our beloved Wave Collar!

Made to order

 We don’t produce until we get an order, this is one of our ways to address overproduction.
On average, this process takes 2 weeks (depending on the kind of piece to be made).


As soon as your order is accepted, we start off knitting the appropriate textile piece on our knitting machines.


We give each textile the appropriate washing and ironing before sewing your product.


Fully fashioned (shaped when knitted), the pieces are assembled by sewing machine or linker.


After being quality controlled, your product is wrapped and delivered to you!

We are manufacturing reinventing designing fashionable accessible knitwear

Unlike most fashion industries outsourcing their production far out, we believe in bringing production closer to our process, design and thinking. Over the years “Made in Denmark” has become a rare phenomenon, therefore our promise is to bring back the textile production here, to Denmark. We embarked this ambitious journey wishing to find keys for a more sustainable production system.

Colors and patterns
It’s all about patterns and colors. This is why we develop our knitting techniques in-house on either our digital knitting machines or by hand on our industrial/domestic vintage knitting machines.

Small-scale and season-less collections
It never is a matter of size. At NADIA WIRE, we value quality over quantity and have decided to 
design off-season, at a smaller scale and pace, to free ourselves from the fashion industrie’s diktats.

Spin the scrap!

We take a creative responsibility on our resources by building partnerships to upcycle and re-spin our scrap yarns, or reroute wastes from our production back into our new collections.

Inclusive design

Conceived for all wardrobes and body shapes, our garments are thought to be inclusive, embracing and celebrating.

As knitwear-freaks we use various crafts technics to create our textiles: digital, manual. And also gather knowledge and wisdom from our active knitting community.

Our machines

We have selected the best knitting machines from the the German company Stoll, who are the front runners in engineering of digital knitting machines. Our digital knitting machines are operated by our team, who has specialized in digital knitting, programming and knitwear design from all over the world.

Our knitting community

We don’t only rely on our digital knitting machines, we also believe in hand-power and traditional craftmanship techniques, which we celebrate through the development of some of our Showpieces and textiles on manual operated knitting machines, at our studio. Consequently, we have decided to start a Danish community of manual machine knitters, to share passion and knowledge and grow together.

It is a collaboration that NADIA WIRE wishes to keep growing.
Want to become part of our manual machine knitting community?
Get in touch: studio@nadiawire.com

We create knitted fabrics that have endless amount of detail and depth. Our yarns, sourced from the highest-quality Italian mills, are selected wool, cashmere, cotton, viscose and polyester blends. 

OEKO-TEX® certified mills
We exclusively work with certified mills that are based in Europe. Oeko-tex checks for the presence of hazardous chemicals in the dyed fabric. It checks for carcinogens, azo dyes and other chemical limits in accordance to the European REACH standards.

Global Organic Textile Standard certification

The GOTS certification ensures our base yarns contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

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