Manufactured in Denmark

Our key value is that our production should have as small an impact on the globe as possible. As a result, we have taken the audacious decision to locate our production in Denmark, next-door to our design studio, and our office.

We have embarked on this ambitious journey in order to guarantee a responsible and mindful production with:


Low environmental impact, fair labour, and high-quality products.


At our factory we manufacture everything: From the very first textile to the final garment. We work with digital knitting machines, which are operated by our team, who has specialised in digital knitting, manufacturing, and design from all over the world.


Made to order

The entire process from idea to garment materializes at our knitting factory in Denmark, where we operate on a small scale and a made to order vision. By doing that, we hope to keep the brand from contributing to the problem of overproduction. One of the ways to address this issue is simply to match supply and demand. Therefore, we don’t keep a stock and production only starts once an order has been received.


As soon as an order has been placed, we begin the process of knitting the textiles on our digital knitting machines. In that way we make each garment for a specific customer.


It is very important to us to provide the best treatment. Therefore, we always give each textile the appropriate washing and ironing before assembling.


Our garments are shaped directly on the knitting machine (fully fashioning). Therefore, we don’t create any unnecessary waste while assembling the garment, which we do with sewing machines or a linkers.


Once an order is finished, we wrap up and ship the products directly to the customer, straight from our knitting factory.

We are manufacturing reinventing designing fashionable accessible knitwear

To us, CSR isn’t a strategy, a business objective, or a brand initiative, but it is a necessity. NADIA WIRE’s concern about the environment is incorporated in our business model and our core values. Therefore, we believe it is important to be transparent about the ways we function.

Colours and patterns

It’s all about patterns and colours. NADIA WIRE has a playful approach to design and colour: By allowing the creative mind to form playful designs without any prejudiced setting we create unique and colourful knitted collections.


Small-scale and non-seasonal collections

It is never a matter of size. At NADIA WIRE, we value quality over quantity and have decided to design off-season, at a smaller scale and pace, to free ourselves from the habits of the fashion industry.

Spin the scrap!

We take a creative responsibility on our resources by upcycling and re-spin our scrap yarns or reroute wastes from our production back into our new collections.

Inclusive design

Conceived for all wardrobes and body shapes; our garments are thought to be inclusive, embracing, and celebrative.

As knitwear-freaks we have an experimental approach to what knitwear can be and we use various craft technics to create and explore textiles: Digitally and manually.

Our machines

We have selected the best knitting machines from the German company Stoll, who are the front runners in engineering of digital knitting machines. Our machines are operated by our team, who has specialized in digital knitting, programming, and knitwear design from all over the world.

Knitting Techniques

An independent and technical knitting process forms each fabric into unique designs. Our design process begins with an open and curious mind to allow unorthodox techniques to take shape.Our products are made on digital knitting machines which, to a greater extent, enables us to experiment with illusions, depth, and innovative techniques.
Fully Fashioning
Instead of cutting and sewing fabrics, we create technical knitting calculation for each garment in order to shape the fabric directly on the knitting machine. That way we avoid any unnecessary materials, and the waste we create, we keep for future use.
We create knitted fabrics that have an endless amount of details and depths to it. Our yarns, sourced from the highest quality European mills, are selected wool, cotton, viscose, and polyester blends. We cherish to have a close relationship with our suppliers; therefore, we continue to work with the same suppliers for each collection. We only work with European suppliers and mills. This way we maintain a high-quality throughout our whole production chain from the raw material to the final product.
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