NADIA WIRE produces seasonless collections; meaning we don’t believe in the fundamental value of creating SS or AW nor pre or resort collections. We don’t like to label our collections because our products can and should be worn for any season. We also don’t follow the normal seasonal fashion calendar. Instead we launch our collections on our own schedule; launching new collections when we run out of stock of materials from previous collections. We think it is important to not follow or feed into the traditional fashion calender but instead launch collection at our own phase.

Our mission

We’re facing a reality where most of the industry is outsourcing their production to far Eastern countries and we strongly believe it’s time to bring them back to the local community. Over the years “Made in Denmark” has become a rare phenomenon therefore our promise is to bring back the textile production to Denmark. We embarked this ambitious journey wishing to gather all the support to create a new sustainable production system.

Made to order

A production should have as small impact on the globe as possible. One of the ways to address overproduction is simply to match supply and demand, therefore we don’t produce until we have an order. We simply don’t believe in mass-production.


As soon as we have accepted your order we start the process of knitting the textile on our digital knitting machines.


It is very important to us to provide the best treatment to each individual textile piece. Therefore we always give each textile the appropriate washing and ironing before sewing the garment/product.


We start sewing the garment or product together. We always shape our garments directly on the knitting machines also called 'fully fashioning'. This means that we don’t create any unnecessary waste when sewing the garment together.


After finishing of the product we will pack and ship the product directly to your home. The product will be ready for shipping within 2 weeks of placing your order.

Made in Denmark

In order to guarantee the highest quality on every single piece our whole production takes place in our Copenhagen studio. We produce everything ourselves: from the very first textile to the final garment. By producing ourselves we are very flexible when it comes to extra styles and special customization. In 2020 we started to implement digital knitting machines in our studio in order to maintain our own production.

We have selected the best knitting machines from the the German company Stoll, who are the front runners in engineering of digital knitting machines. Our digital knitting machines are operated by our team, who has specialized in digital knitting, programming and knitwear design from all over the world.

Video of our production soon to come!


Zero waste policy

Zero waste is an issue truly close to our hearts. Instead of cutting fabrics and sewing garments together we create technical knitting calculation for each pattern in order to shape the fabric directly on the machine while the fabric is being knitted. That way we avoid unnecessary material. Afterwards we link the fabrics together on our linking machines. Therefore we're able to create a clean edge on the inside of the garment, which is how we create our reversible clothes. We don’t believe in ‘cutting corners’ literally.

The textiles

We create knitted fabrics that has endless amount of details and depth.

Premium materials
We select the most luxurious yarn qualities such as wool, cashmere, cotton, viscose and polyester blends sourced from the highest-quality Italian mills. We only work with certified mills that are based in Europe.

It's all about pattern
It's all about patterns and colors. That’s why we develop our knitting techniques in-house on either our digital knitting machines or by hand on our industrial/domestic vintage knitting machines.

Reversible design
Our key focus is not only to create unique patterns on the outside. At NADIA WIRE we value the inside as well as the outside of a garment. Therefore our garments are in fact created to be reversible and to have details on both sides of the fabric, so it is up to you to decide how to wear the garment.

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