Overconsumption. Lack of transparency. Crazy calendars.
This is the fashion industry we have all committed to until today, where more and more collections are expected to drop simultaneously.

In response to the industries' failings, our first responsibility is to influence the world with a positive impact. Therefore NADIA WIRE's main goal is to break the vicious circle and focus on a sustainable business model where slow production is the key driver.

Core Values


We believe in sticking to what we do best: knitwear. Textiles are precisely shaped to needed dimensions, preventing waste during production.

Made to order

Willing to create the least possible impact and address the overproduction issue, we have decided to match supply and demand.

Made in Denmark

It is our mission to bring the textile production back to Denmark. We create everything from the base textile to the final product.

Zero waste

We shape the fabric we need directly on machines. Any leftover is collected and included to the design process to be repurposed.

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